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What is Coaching?

Coaching helps you to find out what you want & how you might get it

How does it work?

You bring your issue & the coach listens intently, reflects back & asks you many questions

What sort of issue is suitable?

Coaching can work for everything from the very practical to the very abstract.

A coach will help you to refine & clarify your goal in the way that best suits you

What are the benefits?

You are the best expert on yourself.

A coach is trained to help raise your awareness of your situation & help you to see a way forward

How is a coach trained?

Coaching takes inspiration from counselling,neuroscience, CBT, positivity & much more

Why Creative coaching?

Creativity is about asking yourself what you want to achieve & working out how to get there.

As an experienced professional musician, I'm very familiar with this process & I enjoy helping others to unravel theirs

What does it cost?

Because I'm still training, it's currently free!

Soon, it will incur a small cost & this will rise as I gain experience & qualifications

How do the sessions work?

I normally suggest a block of 6 sessions.

These would be on zoom & last for 60 minutes each

About me

I trained as a classical keyboard player in Berlin, Cambridge, London & Nagpur (India) & I have played & taught all over the world.

For me, coaching is a fantastic complement to playing; it teaches me to listen in the finest detail to others & to myself

What have my clients said so far?

'you made me feel that you were really listening'

'I never felt that you had an agenda beyond supporting my journey'

'you let me feel as if I was defining the measures I would take; this really helps in building trust in my own ability'

How to start?

Contact me on 07970 968885 or mail me on & we can chat about what might suit you

Creative Coaching


Jan Waterfield

MA, LRAM, EMCC (trainee)

(0044)7970 968885

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